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Resistance Bands

With Resistance Exercise Band, you can do a wide range of Strength Training exercises, without the need of heavy weights or any expensive pieces of equipment. You can use it for various exercises like Beachbody, Brazilian Butt Lift, Turbo Jam, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and etc. These Resistance Bands are perfect for full body workout, strength training, physical therapy or for targeting muscle groups that need special attention.

Knee Strap Designed for Comfort

The Knee Strap fits perfectly and provides necessary support to the knees. The knee strap is fully adjustable, and thus comfortably fits almost everyone. It is designed such that your movements are not restricted and you feel comfortable all the time. It goes on and off in a snap. The neoprene padding of the knee strap provides a soft and comfortable support. Moreover, These straps have a strong Velcro for fastening.

Compression Sleeves

Unlike other sleeves available in the market our compression sleeves apply graduated pressure to the calf that doesn't leave welts in your skin and provide the appropriate circulation of blood, thus reducing the chances of injury and helping you recover faster from fatigue.


Compression Sleeves

Resistance Bands

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