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Silicone Ring- Flexible Wedding Ring For Athletic Active Lifestyle Man or Women- Comes With A Giftbox!


Abco non-conductive, heat resistant, durable wedding ring made from medical grade silicone. The Sleek and Slim Design of the ring gives it an elegant appearance and gives you a perfect alternative over usual wedding ring.



Our Stylish and Beautiful Silicone Wedding Ring is perfect for anyone who is in a profession that makes it unsafe to wear a metallic wedding ring or for those who get swelling in fingers due to Pregnancy, Diabetes, or other Medical issues.


– Made from bio compatible medical grade silicone

– A Stylish alternative to metal wedding ring

– Non Conducting and chemically inert material makes it safe for any profession

– Perfect for electricians, linemen, firefighters, mechanics, construction workers, and military etc.

– Saves you from finger cuts as in case of metal ring

– Won’t cut off the blood circulation in finger in case of swelling

– Great for nurses, medical technicians, & anyone who wears gloves

– It is 0.87 cm wide and has thickness of 2 mm

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

7, 8, 9, 10, 11


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