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Marshmallow Roasting Sticks – Set of 3 Wooden Handle 32” Telescoping Rotating Fork + 50 Bamboo Skewers


EASY AND SAFE ROASTING – Abco marshmallow roasting sticks make roasting an interesting and enjoyable activity while keeping you and your children safe from fire – the sticks prevent any burns or injuries, and even the discomfort caused by heat when you have to stand close to the fire pit. The telescopic marshmallow sticks also eliminate the need to carry old-style, bulky and heavy roasting equipment for camping, hiking, picnic, etc.

STURDY AND SAFE – Our marshmallow roasting sticks are made up of FDA approved stainless steel that’s safe for use at high temperatures and doesn’t contain any toxins.  The forks are 32” long to let you stand or sit at a reasonably safe distance from the fire. Moreover, the high quality stainless steel is sturdy enough to last for several years, letting you enjoy roasted, burgers, sausages, marshmallows and many more similar products.

DESIGNED TO PERFORM – Our sticks are easily rotatable with a whirl of a finger to let you comfortably flip the meat or marshmallows attached to the tip, without the need to go near fire. This ensures that food items are evenly roasted from all the sides. Moreover, the stainless steel rod is secured through a strong weld that ensures integrity of the rod and handle. The wooden handle ensures that the heat is never transmitted to your hand through the steel rod.

THE BEST ROASTING STICKS DEAL – These marshmallow roasting sticks come in a set of 3 pieces and with different color BPA free plastic caps mounted on the handles – each child can pick a color of his choice to easily identify which one is his. These plastic caps can be rotated to rotate the rods for flipping the food items. In addition to these incredible roasting sticks, you also get a set of 50 Bamboo skewers, each of which is 16 inches long and 5 mm thick.

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Why buy cheap quality, short length roasting sticks or forks with which you have high chances of burning or hurting yourselves?


Would you not love to see your children enjoy roasting during outdoor parties and still be confident that they would be safe even when not looked after?


Well, we have an incredible solution to help you with your roasting needs and you will love it for its many incredible features and benefits:


– Set of 3 telescopic forks or marshmallow roasting sticks

– Made up of food-grade stainless steel and 100% BPA-Free

– Highly Durable – Sturdy rods connected to handle through high-strength weld joints

– 32” telescopic fork to let you stand reasonably far from the heat

– Wooden handle to keep your hands safe

– Fork can rotate independent of the handle, with the help of plastic ring on top of the handle

– Rotation of fork allows for easy flipping of food items and thus even roasting from all sides

– Lightweight and Portable Design

– Ideal for outdoor parties, cookouts, picnics, camping, hiking, long travel, etc.




As a free bonus you get 50 high quality Bamboo skewers which are 16 long and 5 mm Thick.




We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guaranteed to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.


So, why think voice?


ORDER NOW and get this incredible set of marshmallow roasting sticks delivered to you in just 2-3 days.

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