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Garden Kneeler And Seat – Foldable For Ease Of Storage – Comes With A Free Tool Pouch!


GARDEN KNEELING MADE EASY – Abcosport garden kneeler makes it quite convenient for you to kneel down in your garden without hurting your knees or back. Whether it’s weeding, seeding, planting or any other operation that requires kneeling in the garden, either you hurt your knees or back, or soil/stain your clothes in the dirt/grass. This garden kneeler comes with a soft foam padding to provide cushion to your knees and help protect them and your clothing too.

STRONG METALLIC FRAME – The strong metallic frame not only imparts it strength and durability but also provides the support to your hands and back for kneeling down and standing up. No more do you need to put your palms on the grass to get up – simply hold the handles and lower or rise comfortably innumerable times. Despite being strong, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

DOUBLES AS A SEAT – The kneeler can be flipped over to convert it into a comfortable seat that can help you sit and relax for a while when tired from gardening activities, and is even perfect for enjoying a cup of tea in the garden. These incredible features make it an ideal gift for anyone who loves gardening a lot and you bet a true gardener is gonna thank you hundred times for this invaluable gift.

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Do you often hurt your knees and back while kneeling in the garden to perform important gardening activities? Or

Do you hesitate to kneel in the garden fearing that the soil and the grass may stain your clothes, and this prevents you from taking good care of your garden?

Do you use your palms to get up after kneeling in the garden (for performing important operations like seeding, weeding or planting) and hurt your palm due to sharp grass blades or soil particles?

Well, not anymore! We have an incredible solution to all your problems and you will love it for its many incredible features and benefits.


– Portable Garden Kneeler with extra thick foam cushion for your knees
– Comfortable kneeling ensures ease of performing necessary gardening operations
– Metallic handles provide the necessary support to your hands and back
– Simply hold the metallic frame to kneel or to rise
– Kneeler doubles as a seat to let you sit comfortably when tired of gardening
– Kneeler can be easily flipped over to convert it into a seat
– Seat also allows you to comfortably enjoy a cup of tea/coffee in the garden
– Lightweight design ensures ease of carrying around
– Kneeler folds flat for ease of storage
– Made up of superior quality materials to ensure high durability
– Eliminates the risk of hurting your knees, back or palms
– Protects your clothing from soiling
– Comes with a FREE TOOL POUCH and INSTRUCTION MANUAL for ease of use


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